Indian Environmental Portraits

I had never seen India before my trip in March 2014 to the north and west of India. On that trip I found out that living there is something very different. Quality of life is really low from our view. Overwhelming majority of people live in dirty and poor environment, but I felt they don’t see it.

They have grown up in this environment and they are used to live in that situation. I see people live in different levels, but they don’t want or can’t change their situation. It seems they don’t try to improve it and they just live in the situation that they are in. The main problem is the population and the lack of good public services.

In my view they are happy with their life. You can’t see happiness in their faces, but it appears in their colorful life, environment and culture.

This photo series are environmental portraits of people of north and west of India from Agra to Mumbai. These portraits show personality of them in environment they live and work.